About Us

Founded in June 2011, The Seattle Ladies Choir has brought together over fifty altos and sopranos to sing unique versions of contemporary music in 2, 3, and 4 part harmony. We are a non-audition group and our members come from varying backgrounds, ages, and levels of experience. We share a love for modern music and our repertoire includes songs by Pearl Jam, Queen, Coldplay, Metallica, Imogen Heap, Florence + the Machine, Sara Bareilles, Guns N’ Roses, Bruce Springsteen, Muse, and more.

Mission Statement

The Seattle Ladies Choir is made up of 50+ members with varying musical experience, from shower singers to professional musicians. It is a non-audition choir that strives to provide a supportive community for members and to connect through music. The choir votes each season on a repertoire of contemporary, secular music in a wide range including rock, folk, and pop, and aims to perform at a professional level twice per year. The choir is open to all self-identified women, and adheres to practices that are inclusive, safe, and supportive, while embracing an eclectic core.

Diversity Statement

The Seattle Ladies Choir welcomes a variety of talents, backgrounds, experiences, and personal characteristics, including but not limited to race; sexual orientation; ethnicity; religion; ability; socio-economic background; and geographic origin. We require members to be 21+ years of age. We support causes such as LGBTQIA rights, musical education for girls and women, and empowering diverse communities through music.

Carson | Director

Carson Maguire is a pianist, singer, and director from Eugene, Oregon. After graduating from Oberlin College where she studied Music and Theater and directed a high school choir, Carson moved to Seattle where she joined the Seattle Ladies Choir!

Emily | Accompanist

Emily Cowgill holds a bachelor of music degree in piano performance from Cornish College of the Arts. She plays regularly at Youth Theater Northwest on Mercer Island and is co-music director at Faith United Methodist church in Issaquah.

Steph | Assistant Director

Steph Sola has been a member of SLC since Season 3 (2011). She also directs and performs in a showtunes cabaret/improv group she founded called Let’s All Drink and Do Broadway. A native of Chicago, she moved to Seattle to earn her Masters in Nursing and practices as an Adult and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner when she is not performing in choir or on stage with local theatre groups.

Board of Directors

      Allie Sterling | Chair
      Teresa Eyler | Vice Chair
      Sarah Coyle | Financial Director
      Ren Lis | Media Director
      Merrick Neville | Community Director


      Abby Howard
      Alex Lossing
      Alexis Crist
      Allie Sterling
      Amy Fry
      Ana Lester
      Angela Heinrich
      Anna Scott
      Ashley Bontje
      Beth Pal-laya
      Beulah Amarendran
      Bex Bradley*
      Bonnie Weatherill
      Bri Dotson
      Carly Trautwein
      Caron Anderson
      Charity Gourley*
      Charlotte Emigh
      Christina Busby
      Colleen Boyer
      Dana West
      Darien Fleming
      Ellen Weigel
      Emily Goodright
      Fleur Coe
      Heather Cartner
      Holly Gordon
      Jess Ekanayake
      Jill Schleicher*
      Joann Grimm
      Karen Willemsen
      Kat Smith
      Katherine Getts
      Kathrin Kanzler-Frontini
      Kathryn Gruber
      Kelsey Getz
      Kim Kouretchian
      Kristen Coffin
      Laura Howard
      Laura Masson
      Leah Lucid
      Lydia Biddle
      Maggie Karshner
      Megan Hughes
      Megan Merritt
      Melissa Boni
      Merrick Neville
      Michelle Wolfe
      Mira Kochel
      Monica Hayes
      Monique Aldred
      Natalie Uhl*
      Nissa Limbach
      Rachel Wang Martinez
      Rebecca Wall
      Ren Lis
      Safiya Jetha
      Samantha Maloof
      Sam Ploetz
      Sarah Coyle
      Sarah Waskom
      Steph Sola
      Teresa Eyler
      Treela McKamey
    Victoria Buskirk

* denotes Section Leader


Seattle Ladies Choir has partnered with The Fremont Abbey Arts Center since the choir’s inception in June 2011. They have had the good fortune to call The Abbey their home for rehearsals and support their mission to curate welcoming arts & cultural experiences where people of all ages and incomes can explore and grow.

4culture_colorStarting in Spring of 2015, Seattle Ladies Choir is partially funded by generous grant support from 4Culture, the cultural services agency for King County. 4Culture provides grants to artists and art groups, residing in King County, who are creating and presenting work in all disciplines including Dance, Theater, Music, Media, Literature and the Visual Arts.
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